Waterskiers choose to use a coach for many reasons. If you’ve never had the opportunity to work with one or go to a ski school then this could be a great opportunity to take your skiing to the next level. We’ll focus on working with your style to avoid injury and achieve more consistent results. 

Individual Coaching

Come ski with me, so we can achieve that new PB or work on your slalom, trick or jump technique. I offer single sessions for water skiers of all levels.

Group Coaching

Got mates who love to water ski? Well, then let's all get on the water and work on getting to the next level together. Book me for half-day or a full day coaching to work with your family or group of friends. 

Ski Clinics

Water Ski Clubs in Australia, this is the perfect opportunity to get your members skiing their best. I offer day rates and weekly specials and will travel all over the country. 

Video Coaching

Video coaching is perfect if you don't have coaches nearby and a great way to prepare for an upcoming tournament or a specific training regimen.

Can’t ski with me? I now offer remote 3-event video coaching. 

Not every skier is lucky enough to have ski coaches live nearby or visit regularly. Now, you can have the best of both worlds: skiing at your own site, at your own pace, with your own crew AND accessing to top quality 3-event coaching remotely. 

Video waterski coaching is also a great way to prepare for an upcoming ski tournament or a specific training regimen. 

Skiers who use video coaches get a better understanding of their own skiing, so let’s chat about video coaching today. 

How does it work: 

First you’ll send a video of you skiing into me. I’ll provide a Dropbox link for you to upload your videos before we schedule a live chat to review the video together. I will watch your video and create coaching points to discuss together. 

Next, we’ll video chat in real time about how you want to improve and what your goals are. We will spend a half hour watching your skiing video together, discussing possible improvements, and if you’re unsure about any of my feedback, you’ll be able to ask questions and discuss. 

I will also provide written feedback about what you are doing well and areas we can improve. This is great for your to review in the future and will help your skiing reach the next level. 

So let’s connect and get you skiing your best. Fill out the form below to learn what’s involved and send your videos to me!


Video Coaching


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