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I have been involved in the wonderful world of water skiing for more than 20 years. I first skied behind a handmade, wooden ski boat on the stunning Kalgan River, which is home of the Albany Water Ski Club. The AWSC is a small but strong club committed to tournament water skiing. Like everyone who skis for the first time, I was hooked from day one. What started that day shaped and changed my life forever. 
The next year in 1999, my journey to compete in tournaments started. I won the West Australian State Championships and placed third at the Australian Nationals in U/10s for trick skiing. This was all in the first seven months of skiing.  
From then, I continued to trick ski, then I learned to slalom and later, when I was 14, to jump. Because I lived in a country town, coaching was difficult to source, so I made day trips to Perth each month where Ryan and Sarah Green coached me. There, I wrote down everything Ryan and Sarah told me, and from those notes I knew what to work on for the next month. 
Fast forward a few years, I had saved up enough money to travel alone to the United States to water ski and coach in Florida. I was suddenly exposed to a whole new level of skiing and because I was skiing everyday, and around international tournament skiers everyday, my skiing and coaching began to improve. 
I continued to live the ultimate life of chasing the summer back and forth from Florida to Australia for seven years for the ski seasons. In this time, I had the pleasure of being around, competing against and training with the best skiers in the world. In addition, my coaching began to evolve because I had the opportunity to coach every level of water skier from first-time skiers to Open Men and Women skiers and Senior World Competitors.  
So, what does this mean for someone who skis with me?  
I have taught every level and style of water skiing. My approach to every skier is the same: I give 110% of my energy and attention. My focus on getting the skier to achieve their goals is more important to me than anything else. Because I am an athlete, I know what is involved in getting one extra buoy, landing that trick you have worked on for a month and flying that extra metre after hitting the jump safely. My coaching style for new and seasoned water skiers is to encourage you to perform your best. Yes, I want you to ski your best with me, but if you don’t it’s because we are working on techniques that will pay off the rest of your skiing career no matter what level you are skiing.  
I look forward to seeing you all on the water!


  • Australian Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation Accredited Coach

  • 10 years of coaching experience 

  • Former Australian Champion  

  • Former Australian No. 1 Jumper  

  • Waterski Australian Team Member for U/21 Worlds (2009, Mexico), Open Worlds (2012, Chile), World Games (2012, Colombia) and World Cup Events (2012, 2013) 

  • Personal Bests: Slalom 1@11 metres, Trick 7010 points, Jump 63.2 metres

  • First Aid Trained  

  • Working with Children Certified  

  • Police Clearance Approved

Lets Ski! There is nothing I love more than seeing a skier improve, so lets make it happen.

Steven Moss

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